Considerations for Downsizing & Clean out in Northeast Ohio


When you are doing a clean out or downsising in Northeast Ohio there are certain items to take into consideration. Moving, transporting, hauling, liquidating, auctions, organizing, packing, donating, shipping are all things to be concerend with. Fortunately, at Premier-Lifestyle we are well experienced in all of these area, helping make your move or downsizing as seamless as possible.

Overall goal of client

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Fit the services to the job/requirements

Who is involved?

  • Family, relatives, others to be involved


  • Appraiser(s), attorney, accountant, financial advisor, realtor, etc
  • Valuation, appraisals, and special considerations


  • Keep, Store, Sell, Donate, Trash
    • Storage space - storage tips
    • Sell - auctions, consignment, online neighborhood sites
    • Donation organizations list - pickup, deductibility considerations
    • Haulers & Dumpsters - disposal site fees
  • Mark items - color stickers
  • Inventory management for estate purposes - level of detail as required
  • Inventory of sale & donation items for valuation - detailed cost breakdown

Dispersal Options

  • Gifts to family - identify, distribute, shipping options
  • Auction and options to maximize value
  • Donations - favorite charities - transporting costs
  • Trash - dump fees

Timeframe & Schedule

  • Create task lists before the move
  • Begin with easy decisions and complete task
  • No dispersals before appraisals
  • Rental triggers
  • Sale schedule

Special Considerations

  • Staging space for collecting dispersal items
  • Packing materials sources
  • Specialty Items, provenance
  • Final cleaning

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