FAQs Northeast Ohio Auctions


To answer common questions about our Northeast Ohio auctions we have provided answers to these frequently asked questions.

Timed Auctions

Auctions with a set bidding expiration date and time shown as details.

Live Auctions

Auctions involving bidding online simultaneously with in-person bidding.


Are my bids final?
There is a two-step process for bidding. You can change or cancel before posting.

Can I rescind a bid?
Yes. To retract a bid, navigate to My Bids and select 'Retract' to start the retraction process.

Buy from Gallery

Listings on auctions may be listed on the Gallery for immediate purchase at the listed price.


Is there any commitment for registering as a buyer?
Not at all.

Can I register for email alerts for categories of auction items?
Yes at the bottom of the page.

Requirements to buy

Our Terms and Conditions section lists requirements.


We accept credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, G-Pay, Apple-Pay, etc.

Item Pickup

Are there any delivery or shipping alternatives to in-person pickup?
Yes, fees apply to shipping, UPS, FedEx, etc.

Are there pickup alternatives for whole-house auctions?
Only if a delivery service (Full Circle Cleanouts) is employed.

How can I sign up for a delivery?
Contact us by email with the request and we will respond with arrangements.


How does shipping work?

Can I arrange for my own shipping?
Yes by utilizing your account with the shipper and arranging for pick-up.

What shipping services are available from PL?
UPS, FedEx, uship.com etc.

What is a buyer's premium?
A percentage additionally charge on the hammer price of a lot sold at auction, which is collected by the auction house as their commission on the item.

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